1979 Brick Rancher

We purchased this home after it had sat for some time – it was in need of some repair but mostly it needed a serious renovation to bring it out of the 70s.  For this project we decided an open concept that brought the kitchen, great room and pool area together to form a continuous entertainment and exceptionally comfortable living area is what was needed.

Walking into the house for the first time, we noticed the large brick fireplace, the heavy wooden beam accents and small door leading to the kitchen.  All this contributed to making the great room feel anything but great!  However,  once we looked through the small door from the great room into a very spacious kitchen, we in unison said, “That wall has got to go! – Job 1 set.

The challenges were only beginning.  The kitchen, the gathering spot, the hub of activity and life in today’s homes – was interesting.

The kitchen was very dated, the lighting was inadequate and the overall flow was cramped.  Notice too, the soffits installed above the cabinets (with florescent lighting).  This made the kitchen feel smaller and the ceiling lower.  Job 2 – this is getting bigger!

The kitchen, including removing the old tile, would be a full renovation.  Launi and I always recycle and reuse anything we can.  This is just how we like to operate.  The double oven and stove top were in great shape and could be reused.  The dishwasher, well not so much so it was donated.  All the cabinets found new life in the garage and formed great storage and workbenches.

We knew we would be changing the workflow in the kitchen.  We wanted a centerpiece 8ft island that would serve as a food prep area and as a gathering spot.  That and removing a wall, required we move the double oven and the location for the refrigerator.  Side note about the location of the refrigerator.  It was originally in-between the door to the utility room and the dining room.  This created very crowded entry spaces.  So, we decided to move the refrigerator to the outside wall at the south end of the sink counter.  Where the refrigerator was, we built a beverage center complete with a mirrored backsplash, floating shelves and a beverage refrigerator (boy do I miss that now!)  But, I am getting ahead of myself.  The point is the kitchen would be the defining point in this renovation.  So, permits pulled (electrical, plumbing and construction) – the work started!  

Next blog – progress! 

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